Carl Knauf

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Carl Knauf is an author and journalist based in New Mexico. He has crafted full-length novels and short stories in a variety of genres, including adventure, drama, crime, horror, humor, and nonfiction. Forgotten Kids is his literary fiction debut.

Knauf has maintained his contributions as a journalist for over two decades and holds an MA in Journalism & Creative Media, focusing on literary journalism, features, and profiles. His areas of expertise, though not limited, are music, the publishing industry, and sports. His true creative passion unearthed during the prime of his adolescent angst, however.

From musical composition and lyrics to screenplays to genre and literary fiction, his career has touched various mediums. Knauf’s most notable work is his Jack Swift crime series—the first two installments are Crooked Gold and Cursed. He is currently drafting the third book in the series.

Knauf writes with passion and honesty. When not writing, he enjoys playing the piano and guitar, competing in sports, reading, having long conversations, and spending time with his family and friends.

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